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How much exercise to fend off permanent medical weight loss?

Beautiful Woman Running Along The Beach

Two hours of exercise a week is enough

A recent Danish study has brought to light an intriguing question: can regular exercise mitigate the lasting effects of medical weight loss treatment? The study findings offer a promising answer: dedicating just two hours per week to exercise can play a significant role in maintaining weight loss benefits even after treatment has ceased. This revelation underscores the potential power of physical activity in sustaining long-term weight management.

Prescribing exercise as medicine

The researchers behind the study suggest a novel approach: integrating exercise recommendations into weight loss drug prescriptions. By prescribing exercise alongside medication, individuals may experience enhanced post-treatment outcomes. This combined approach could lead to improved quality of life, preservation of muscle mass, and increased likelihood of maintaining weight loss in the long run. Such a strategy not only addresses the physical aspect of weight management but also emphasizes the importance of holistic lifestyle interventions in achieving lasting health benefits.

Get started today:

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