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DEA extends pandemic rules for controlled drug prescriptions

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has extended pandemic rules that allow physicians and clinicians to dispense controlled drugs through telehealth, without an in-person visit, through November. The DEA had originally proposed post-pandemic rules that would require an in-person visit for future prescriptions. However, the proposal faced backlash from patients and clinicians, who noted that telehealth has increased access to treatment for substance abuse, pain, and ADHD during the pandemic. The DEA's extension of the temporary rules will allow the agency to consider the 38,000 public comments it received before deciding on its approach to telehealth prescriptions. Patients and clinicians praised the eased rules, while warning that in-person requirements would be a barrier to care. The extension reflects the complexities of unwinding federal waivers and flexibilities granted to clinicians during the pandemic.

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